Enjoy your life

Your guests receive the QR Code keys in automatic, while you, can do what really maters.

Get Your freedom

Save hours of work and eliminate stress with automated management.

For every smartphone

QR Code keys are simple images. You can use them without downloading any App and they don't require any internet connection.

Even printed

If your smartphone is unavailable (e.g. the battery is dead) the QR Code keys can be used even on paper.

Main features

Easy to install

Products designed to allow any locksmith or electrician to install quickly and easily. 


Simple and immediate configuration without connections to routers and internet connections.

Qr Code + RFID

Opening using keys of a predetermined duration (min, hours, days) in QR Code format and RFID cards.


QR Code locks for internal wooden doors

  • Ideal for indoor

    Easy to install on any interior wooden door

  • Auto lock

    Lock with automatic locking when the door is closed

  • Battery operated

    Powered by 4 AA batteries of duration from 9 to 12 months

  • Acoustic support

    Audio signal in the opening to assist the blind


QR Code reader for outdoor and armored doors

  • Ideal for outdoor

    Resistant to atmospheric agents and colder temperatures

  • Shock resistant

    Covered in steel and zinc alloy for added security

  • 12V D/C

    Powered by direct current 12V or emergency buffer battery

  • Universal

    For any door or gate via electric strike or magnetic lock 

All our products

QR Code Access Control


Smartykee has made my day! I removed night shifts in my Hotel saving about €70.000 per year on personnel, moreover, my bookings increased!

While I do my job, my guests book on Airbnb, check-in online with Smartykee, and automatically receive QR Code keys!

I love it and the support is great! Just send a QR Code and you're done! Since I have Smartykee my B&B is practically managed by itself.